We’re BACK! New episode: Freed to Teach in 2022

Meredith Newlin is the founder of The Transformed Teacher. As a veteran educator who has been teaching for more than 16 years, her passion and purpose are to help motivate and inspire educators to rediscover—and keep—their joy for the teaching profession.
Meredith is the author of Captured Fireflies: Truths, Mistakes, And Other Gifts Of Being an English Teacher as well as Freed To Teach: 7 Keys To Thrive In an Era Of Uncertainty.

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Meredith hosts The Transformed Teacher podcast as well as a variety of workshops, online courses, and programs for teachers. She also serves as a book coach for teachers who want to share their stories.

A North Carolina native, Meredith currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her two children, Eleanor and Oscar

Instagram: @meredithnewlin

Podcast: www.thetransformedteacher.com/podcast

Website: www.thetransformedteacher.com



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