Why Homeschooling Is The Way Out – S1, E7

In this 7th edition of our podcast, we tackle the big decision that many Maine families have made, which is to homeschool their children. It’s the best bet you have to ensure your child has the defenses needed to fight off this culture war being waged in our government run, K-12 Maine schools.

Your child has a greater chance of success, because no one will do a better job at their educational needs, than you as the parent.

After an introduction and update on what’s going on in RSU22’s clown show, we hear from three homeschooling parents:

Amy Curtis (18 minute mark) – She speaks to homeschooling 3 kids. She speaks to the forced diversity efforts, hyper-sexualization, the fact that the RSU22 administration pushed for her to homeschool her kids, instead of fixing the concerns! No follow up, no changes and the inappropriate issues were ramped up! They double down, all the time!

She speaks to the family benefits of homeschooling and the future. (No violence, social pressures, bullying, horrible environment, etc.)

Katherine Collins (37:00) – She speaks to homeschooling her six kids over 11 years, in four states and the benefits she has seen in their development and growth. She speaks to more of the Catholic curriculum she used. She speaks to the morality and faith based learning.

She identified hyper-sexualization occurring in RSU22 and her charge to put her hat in the ring for Winterport’s School Board member within RSU22. Education is currently lacking and they are indoctrinating within the classroom.

Her Public Comment on hyper-sexualization:


Brooke Miller (59:45) – Brook has two children who I’ve met personally and are amazing little people, intelligent beyond their years. She speaks to being a busy mom, who’s husband also holds the same job as she does, making time management that much more important.

She speaks to “teachable moments” that can happen each day in your own home, or with. you outside the home. The sheer numbers of students are a detriment to the government run schools.

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