Xi Van Fleet – The Blue Guard (DNC = CCP)

Today on the Maine Source Of Truth podcast, we have Xi Van Fleet, who escaped communist China at age 26 and came to America with $200 borrowed dollars and made a life for herself.

Xi (pronounced “Shee”) says, “Basically, Mao divided China into two major camps: red camp, black camp. Red means you’re okay, You’re the friend with the revolution. Black means that you are the enemy. Not only that, your label is hereditary. Just like CRT. You’re born, if you are born to parents who were labeled as class enemy, you were class enemy at birth.

Xi compares what she saw happening in the United States to what she had seen as a child in China and folks, it only took Mao two years to create a prison state there…I’d guess we are nearing the same thing here in America if parents don’t wake up.

@XVanFleet on Twitter

Pre-order her upcoming 10/31/23 book now called, Mao’s America: Survivor’s Warning

Time to wake up parents!

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