Zuby on Progressive Academia and the Accessibility of Education

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On this special edition of Anchored, Zuby–a rising public figure and influential rapper–joins Jeremy and Arooba to share his insights into how education has changed in the United States and the accessibility of education in the modern world. He discusses his time at Oxford, how the history and beauty of a student’s environment can inspire them, how the quality of university education has changed, and some of the political biases that may be rooted in academia. The three of them go on to discuss the value of education, in an age where there is more information instantly available on our cell phones than there is in the Harvard Library. Regardless of whether someone attends college, Zuby argues, they must be able to use their knowledge in the real world.

Host: Jeremy Tate @JeremyTate41
Guest: Zuby @Zubymusic

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